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Zhuhai Harbour City

A combination of tradition and innovation

How we developed

At the beginning of the project development, we used traditional 3D software 3DMAX and Corona renderer to produce still images and achieved good results. However, we found that their limitations made it difficult for the client to make changes without waiting for rendering results. Additionally, the cost and time required to produce a video were significant factors.


To address these issues, we introduced UE(Unreal Engine) into our workflow and quickly produced an architectural walkthrough video.


Furthermore, we developed an entire system with an interface that allows for changes in lighting from sunrise to sunset and corresponding scene lighting changes. Users can walk or fly freely in the scene and view unique scenes from different angles. Detailed text introductions of each attraction are also included in the software. Users can adjust the time light to take photos at their favorite angle, and there is no limit to the number of rendered pictures anymore.

If you want to know more, welcome to contact us

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