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BMU Presentation System

Real-time, realism, and interactivity
now live in the same place

Your design is important

The design process of a machine is responsible and professional, especially the customized features that are challenging for every engineer.


A building maintenance unit (BMU) is a product that enables workers or machines to access and clean the exterior surfaces of high-rise buildings. It consists of a platform that can move up and down, sideways and in and out, attached to a mechanical device that is usually mounted on the roof of the building.

The design process of a BMU involves considering the shape, height, and architectural features of the building, as well as the safety and efficiency of the operation. The significance of a BMU is that it provides a cost-effective, reliable, and flexible solution for building maintenance and facade management.

What's next?

If your mechanical products appear on drawings, in CAD, in Solidworks, in video presentations, or even in the workshop.

Then what would you expect next? 

After creating many mechanical presentation videos, we have found an even better solution

Want to play?

If you would like to experience this system by yourself, please contact us or simply fill out the form,

then we will create a web link for you to experience it.

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